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I have a desire to share parts of my life with people out there – some of you know me, some of you think you do but probably most of you have never heard of me. I’m Karen. I have had a very full life with lots of ups and downs, decisions made, consequences paid, decisions not made but consequences paid anyway. I guess it’s true what they say, a decision not made is a choice just the same.

I have many interests and I hope to share them here from time to time. I think sharing my life and interests publicly will be a thought-provoking journey, for me certainly and hopefully for all of you. I want to write and post about my photography, jewelry, dreaming and charting of astrology as learned from Connie Kaplan, writing fiction, creative thoughts and general state of mind, hence the blog name “dreams, wanderings and wonder”.

I would love to connect with people who know me from my past whom I haven’t spoken to in ages, those I’ve lost touch with completely as well as people who would like to get to know me better. Also, people who know me that may find out things about me they never knew and are completely surprised! That’s why I’m turning on the comments and email, so I can get feedback and folks out there can reach out to me. One of the things I’m hoping to accomplish by blogging is to set up a business site for my photography, writing and jewelry. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be self-sufficient and successfully working from home? It has always been a dream of mine and I am going to give it a shot.

Stay tuned for my first actual blog…


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it’s in the details

it’s in the details

In my first blog, I’m going to share some close-up, in your face photography. I love the little details that a lot of people over look and I find beautiful and fascinating. I absolutely love my new camera. It’s a Canon Rebel T7i and I’ve had it since the beginning of March 2019.

I used to have a Canon AE-1 back in the day when film was a thing, some of you might remember that stuff, you had to load it carefully, not exposing it to light and making sure the little spokes caught just right in the little holes so the film would advance properly. I took a photography class in high school and just had a ball with it, loved it so much but didn’t pursue the fantasy very far. It mostly covered black and white photography, playing with contrast and depth, light and dark. It was a great class and I still have some awesome pictures to look back on. But, I did eventually get that Canon AE-1 and boy did I use that thing relentlessly. I have so many pictures and negatives from my late teens, twenties and on up until I bought the latest and greatest thing, the Mavica by Sony. It was an amazing innovation for it’s day. A floppy disk recorded the images and then you could just download them to your hard-drive; email, print, use Adobe Photoshop to edit – wow, the sky was the limit! I have a ton of 3.5” floppy’s too.

Now, it’s incredible how far technology has brought us along. The Canon Rebel T7i is not even the best or greatest or most amazing camera out there. But, it’s good enough for what I want to capture right now, and I have been having a great time this last spring and summer capturing some pretty cool pictures. Some of the pictures below were captured with my phone, a LG G7 Thin Q and are noted as such.

Dogwood Blossom, May 3, 2019 Beacon Rock, WA
Bald Eagle, May 1, 2019 Washington Zoo, OR
Fungi, Tillamook Forest, OR January 2019 (LG G7 Thin Q)
Cherry Blossoms, April 2018 Beaverton, OR (LG G7 Thin Q)
Sea Anemone, July 2018 Short Sands, OR (LG G7 Thin Q)
Starfish & Sea Anemones, July 2019 Short Sands, OR
Isn’t the difference between cameras amazing!!! I love it. The same set of rocks on the same beach one year apart.
Snails & Seaweed, July 2019 Short Sands, OR
These tiny black snails are about 1/16th of an inch, if even that.
Morning Glory, July 20 2019, Greenway Park, Beaverton, OR
The next few are some favorites of local flowers and their inhabitants.
Queen Anne’s Lace, July 20 2019, Greenway Park, Beaverton, OR
Snowberry Bush, July 20 2019, Greenway Park, Beaverton, OR

I’ve given you ten of my detailed, close up pictures. I have a ton more and maybe sometime in the future I’ll do a whole blog just about the Ferns, or spring flowers, or bees or something else. But for now, I think this will have to do for my first forage into the blogging sphere.

Let me know what you think.


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