buttons buttons buttons

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stamped brass flower motif

stamped brass flower motif with steel cut center – shank back


mirror back with brilliant

mirror back with oval cutouts and a clear brilliant in the center – shank back


brass/copper mirror back

brass flower motif on copper mirror back, button from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s – brass tunnel shank back


tiny mirror back abstract

exquisite brass or copper abstract design, shiny mirror back tiny button – shank back


lacy brass mirror back

lacy design brass button with mirror back, late 1800’s to early 1900’s – brass tunnel shank back


tiny lacy mirror back

square design but intricate lacy cut out lets mirror back shine – brass tunnel shank back


pinwheel copper mirrorback

copper pinwheel design with mirror back – appears to be copper tunnel shank back


brass rope knots with triad center

vintage brass rope knots design with mirror back and triad center – tunnel shank back


tiny abstract mirror back

this was a beautiful button in it’s heyday but is a little worse for the wear now – abalone or shell of some kind make up the mirror back of the abstract cut out design – some rust on tunnel shank back


carved bone dragon face button

this unique bone button is intricately carved with a dragon face, eyes accented with black – very good condition – shank back


japanese porcelain noh play mask button set

rare find of complete seven button set – gods of fortune from toshinkane art in japan – one unique thing about this set, Hannya and Okame are reversed – but set is in original box and complete – shank backs


k.c. co. seven lucky gods hand carved buttons

this is a complete set of seven buttons in the box, nestled individually in polystyerene – hand painted – shank backs


bone rings, two sets of nine

two sets on original cards of bone rings in excellent condition – let me know if you have questions

$25.00 both sets

jet button, large jacket style

large jet jacket style button round with prism/flatish head, point in middle – shank back


jet set matching above style

set of twelve, matches above with point in center, 5/8″ 2 separate cards, but still beautiful and both guaranteed to wash and iron – shank back

$25.00 both sets

large jet button, geometric design

gorgeous jet button large for jacket, geometric design with small lines on perimeter – shank back


matching sets to above jet button and various others

two of the buttons match the large jacket jet button above, the other cards are other various sets – all gunuine jet – all with shank backs

$40.00 all sets

jet with gold tone

pretty one off jet button with gold swoosh to accent style – shank back


silver and copper accent set

beautiful set of five buttons, silver with copper accent on perimeter – back marking indicates taxco mexico 980 silver – shank back

$150.00 complete set

toshinkane comedy and tragedy button

single button, gold and porcelain face, black background – excellent condition, stamped on back – shank back


antique brass with purple foil

antique brass with purple foil behind glass and brass ribbon detail – cut gems are exquisite with purple and brass detail – shank back


marcasite button set

beautiful seven marcasite button set with exquisite detail – brass shank back


vintage brass with tiny cloisonné detail

four button set of vintage brass Рcut/pressed with detail and tiny spots of cloisonn̩ color Рthey are not in pristine condition but beautiful just the same Рshank back

$25.00 for the set

set of four brass with malachite green background

this unique set consisting of one large button and three small are a little rough, some rust on the back and sides but unique and beautiful with the moon cut- outs – shank backs

$25.00 for the set

please contact me at dreamsngifts@gmail.com to purchase

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